ENROLMENTS 2019 - 2020

According to article 12.1 of the enrolment policy (available on www.eursc.eu), enrolments after the beginning of the school year are only possible under some conditions. 
12.1 As from 5 September 2019,  the following enrolment applications will be allowed, restrictively and on condition that at the time of their submission within the meaning of Articles 2.3. and 2.4., the following three cumulative conditions are fulfilled, except in cases of force majeure, duly substantiated at the time of submission of the application:
a) They involve categories I, II* and II pupils for whom no other enrolment application for the 2019-2020 school year was submitted.
b) The pupil concerned was being educated outside Belgium when the application was submitted.
c) One of the pupil’s legal representatives will be taking up his/her post in Brussels with the European Institutions, Eurocontrol, NATO or the UN, or with the employer with whom the category II agreement has been concluded, three months at the earliest before the start of the child’s actual schooling.
Furthermore, Article 12.5 stipulates :  for pedagogical reasons, the CEA has set 20 March 2020 as the date after which no further enrolment applications may be submitted during the school year, no pupil being allowed to commence his/her schooling after 20 April 2020


The application accompanied by all the documents required can be:

  • Either sent by post  : ordinary letter, registered letter or express letter at the following address:

Ecole Européenne de Bruxelles IV
Enrolment Secretary
86, Drève Sainte-Anne
1020 Laeken

  • Or delivered to the school enrolment secretariat

The enrolment office (G building - 2nd floor) is open by appointments only from Monday until Friday: 9:00 - 12:00 and 14:00 - 16:00.  Please follow the link to take an appointment: www.galeli.progenda.be

During school holidays, the enrolment office is not accessible for parents. Thank you for sending us the completed forms by post.


We invite you to read the article 47 e) of the General Rules of the European schools (available on www.eursc.eu under «Legal basis ») regarding the choice of the language section. 

To read the article, please click here.


If you need more information regarding enrolments, please contact Mrs Gamze GALELI : gamze.galeli@eursc.eu