Key Competences
The basis for much of the teaching and learning that takes place in the European Schools is the eight key competences adopted by the European Parliament in 2006*. These include familiar subjects like languages, science and maths, as well as digital competence, social and civic competence, a sense of initiative and entrepreneurship, cultural awareness and expression and above all the ability to be an independent learner. I am sure you will agree that these are some of the most essential elements in the development of your children and their preparation for life and work.
During the last 2 weeks there will be activities focusing on the development and assessment of the other key areas. The students will work in groups with a teacher-mentor to investigate and present a project around a specified theme. This will be cross-curricular in nature, with the emphasis on team work, problem-solving, research methods, presentation, and working within a given time frame. The results of their efforts will be on display for you to see in school.  
You can find a link to the key competences here.