On two separate occasions during the current academic year, fundraising drives have taken place in the secondary school for the Giraffe Project. The project is a UK/Belgian-based charity (UK Registered Charity no. 1116675) that is dedicated to providing education for children living in the Nairobi slums. The charity partners with two primary (3-14 years) schools in Kibera slum and Mathare slum, and owns and runs a secondary school, currently in rented premises. Their current project is to buy land and build a school outside the slum for these teenagers. The charity supports about 500 students through individual sponsorships by families in Europe.

It is our view that it is a very worthwhile project to support for three reasons: 

  • It makes our students aware of the poor conditions in which young people live and learn in the Majority World
  • This exposure in turn motivates them to action in support of other young people and connects our students in small ways to the developing world and finally,
  • Evidence of the impact of our students’ efforts is readily accessible in the form of photos and testimonies from one of our seconded teachers.