After school care service (OIB)

The garderie provides afterschool childcare facilities for children aged between 4 and 12 years. Emphasis is placed on relaxing, having fun, games, interaction and wellbeing.


  • The children are welcomed by the educators at the meeting points after lessons.
  • They form a part of a group of children of similar age, entrusted to the same educator for a year or two.
  • The children eat their snack (provided by the garderie) with their educator and their group in the ‘port d'attache’/ home base.
  • As well as fun activities, the children can also do their homework, in the study area, under the supervision of an educator.

Different sites for the garderie

  • The Commission organises an after school garderie on the four  European Schools' sites (+ Berkendael for the youngest Uccle pupils) and on the five central sites: Van Maerlant (only 8 to 12 years), Wilson, Cornet-Leman, Genève and Beaulieu. Genève and Beaulieu are reserved primarily for staff children working in the buildings nearby.


  • Monday, Tuesday and Thursday: the garderie begins at 15.20 until 18h45.
  • Wednesday: the educators of the garderie look after the children as from noon for a hot meal that is included in the garderie service until 18h45..
  • Friday: the garderie begins at 12.30 for the nursery children, 1st and 2nd year primary after the meal taken with their teachers, and at 15.30 for the other children.
  • The garderie closes at 18.45 from Monday to Thursday and at 18.00 on Fridays.  It is very important to conform to the closing times.

School holidays

  • July-August and the Easter holidays are the periods of "Garderie Aérée". Prior enrolment is mandatory (  This activity is organised on the Overijse site or on the central sites when necessary.
  • During the other holidays (except Commission public holidays) the garderie operates as "longues journées", on preliminary enrolment for each holiday. The long days are often organised in the central sites.

Educational guidelines (see the Educational project for further details)

  • The child plays freely with the games and activities that are at his/her disposal.
  • Formal learning and production are not a priority.
  • Based on the ‘port d'attache’ (home base) featured by the room and the relevant educator, the child can circulate freely in his/her environment. S/he must always ask the agreement to the educator who needs to know where the child is at all times.
  • The educators initiate and support activities, listen and talk to the children, determine and guarantee the framework by building the rules of life in a group.

Some requests to the parents for a good collaboration

  • Please always let the educator know when the child is leaving the garderie.
  • First communicate to the COLE secretariat (who forwards the information) the name of all new persons authorised to collect the child. The educators may in no case hand over the child to unauthorised persons.
  • Any questions relative to the administration (enrolments, payment, rules etc) are to be asked to the COLE secretariat, by e-mail to
  • The link to Kiddyweb, the registration tool of the Commission's after school care service is:
  • Only for urgent communication, telephone number of the Cornet-Leman – COLE secretariat: (02 29) 50945