Projet jardin

This year the gardens at EEB4 have received a lot of attention.  P3ENa and P3ENb started an initiative to get all of the students in EEB4 out gardening.  They began in Autumn by digging and clearing the vegetable patch in the gardens beside the G Building.  When this was cleared they then offered each class a section that they could work in all year.  Here some classes planted flowers, herbs and bulbs before Christmas and the winter frost.

In Spring when the threat of snow and frost began to clear each class again got busy with their garden patches, planting onions, garlic, radishes, and a beautiful variety of herbs and flowers. 

The Community Fund who generously sponsored the garden project along with the school administration, supported a project to purchase and plant a separate flower pot for EVERY class in the Primary school.  P3EN purchased the pots and soil and the mixed bulbs and then we all were very busy planting the pots.  When they began to bloom in late spring we distributed them around the school playgrounds with a marker telling each class which pot was theirs.

P3EN were still not finished gardening!!  The most beautiful surprise was yet to come.  In May (and thanks again to the Community Fund and to the school budget) 40 fruit trees, 60 fruit bushes and 60 rose bushes were ordered in AVEVE.  Mr Patrick Poelemans collected the trees and bushes and the whole school helped to plant them.  We watered the newly planted trees every day and it is beautiful to see the butterflies and bees beginning to explore the flowers.  This project is now linked with the Canteen project on sustainable food here in EEB4 and next year we will link with many many more projects.  We are going to be leaders in our contribution to ‘Education for Sustainable Development’ – a new term now, but one that will become very familiar to us all in the coming years. 

At Somefesto this year we will have the first gardening stall and students will have fresh garden produce for sale and lots of plants (400 sunflowers!!) from their gardens.

Well Done P3EN and all the children at EEB4 – you are All ‘The Children who planted Trees’ and in years from now, when you are older and travelling through Brussels from around the world with the next generation, you can call into EEB4 and show them the orchard you planted!